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Colorful Downtown Mt. Clemens Couples Session | Michigan Engagement Photographer

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Melissa is a lifelong friend of mine. We've been through elementary and middle school together, Girl Scout troops, and kept in touch through high school and college. So when I was back in my hometown for a wedding (check out Melissa & Max's gorgeous Sunset Terrace ceremony right on the water), I reached out to Melissa to see if her and Doug wanted to get a quick session in. Of course she jumped at the opportunity, ran home early from work, and met me in Downtown Mt. Clemens!

When Melissa and I would catch up through college, and I first heard about Doug, I knew they were going to be in it for the long run. Her and Doug both went to Western Michigan University (go Broncs!). They both were involved in Greek life at WMU, where Melissa's "big" introduced them, and a longtime friendship was sparked. Melissa and Doug were both seeing other people for a while through college, but remained close friends to each other. Finally, during a point when they were both single, Melissa tells me "the universe aligned" and they started dating. Now, they are celebrating two years of marriage, and excited for many more anniversaries to come.

Melissa and Doug share a love and passion for animals, traveling, and cars. Since Doug is in real estate and Melissa is an interior designer, they have high aspirations of one day hosting their own HGTV show. Or, they "hope to win the lotto and have an animal sanctuary." Don't we all!

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