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Dreamy Donelson Couples Session | Nashville Engagement Photographer

Hattie and Chris met "where everyone meets these days -" Tinder. When I asked them about their first date, they had two different stories. Chris said the date ended at the bar. Hattie said it definitely didn't end there!

These two got along like peanut butter and jelly. They are so in love and so in sync, it's palpable. My favorite part of being a wedding and engagement photographer is seeing couples interact, and these two did not disappoint! Hattie and Chris's whole session was full of laughter and inside jokes - including some that were made that day!

Hattie and Chris's little family is made up of each other, and Hattie's cat Gypsie - whom Chris loves to call his step-cat. These two love exploring downtown, trying new restaurants together, and even have plans to visit Japan in the near future! Cheers to Hattie and Chris, their love, and many more adventures to come!

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