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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Wrijoya was telling me "We've done everything else backwards in this relationship, so why wouldn't we have engagement pictures after the wedding???"

Shikhar and Wrijoya got married earlier this year in Atlanta, GA where they both went to school and have heavy ties. Their relationship, and friendship, really, began six years ago at a Valentine's Day mixer, where they both just so happened to be single... Wrijoya said she saw this tall man from across the bar, and "Just walked up to him and asked if he had a girlfriend." The rest was history...

After both earning their Master's degrees, their long distance journey began. Wrijoya found a job in Washington DC and Shikhar in Virginia Beach. The distance was bearable. After only one short year mostly close to each other, Shikhar found a job in Orlando. The two of them visited the beach exactly 0 times during Wrijoya's visits. Or Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios...

Shikhar finally bit the bullet and was able to find a job in the DC area to be closer to his love. Things were looking up! Until... Wrijoya was offered a job in Atlanta. More long distance awaited these two.

Shikhar moved back to the Nashville area to make the distance slightly better for the two of them. Finally after the wedding, Wrijoya was able to end the lease on her Atlanta apartment, and move up to Nashville with Shikhar. Well, mostly. She says most of her stuff is still in storage, and Shikhar is living with his roommates still. But there is hope, especially now that they're in the same zip code - FINALLY!

Shikhar and Wrijoya are such a goofy, fun-loving couple. Their six year friendship really resonates in their interactions. You can tell that not only are these people the real-deal, but theirs will be the type of relationship that children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren can look up to for encouragement and example.

Here's to many more years of friendship, adventure, and most of all - love.

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