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Summer Waterfront Stony Creek Wedding | Michigan Wedding Photographer

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Max has been one of my brother's best friends since preschool, and I've known him just as long. So when Max reached out to me about documenting his wedding at Stony Creek, of course I was thrilled to say yes!

Max and Melissa met while they were both attending Michigan State University, at anime club. After only a short amount of time, a deep bond was formed through their friendship. Their friends hinted to each other about the inevitable relationship, and it finally blossomed into just that. After years of dating, Max decided Melissa was the one for her. He popped the question (she obviously said yes!), and he followed her out to Minnesota for her graduate studies. They decided coming back to Michigan was the best plan for their big day, since both of their families live there.

The ceremony took place right on the water at Sunset Terrace, under an adorable pavilion. Since Max and Melissa were saving their first glance for the ceremony, we snuck away to a secluded portion of their nature trail afterwards for their portraits. Melissa's friends gave a group speech before dinner that talked about how they had known all along these two would end up together, they just had to wait for Melissa (and Max) to realize it. Max's little brother, Miles, gave an amazing speech, giving Max a personalized Dungeons and Dragons character, based off of the traits he saw in his brother. Finally, Max's father gave an emotional speech about Melissa, and how she is the kindest, smartest woman he's ever met, how perfect she is for Max, and how "the world would be a better place if there were more Melissas in it." I can tell you, there wasn't a dry eye in the room (including myself)!

Max and Melissa's wedding day was filled with love, laughter, and many anime references. These two truly are the definition of "two peas in a pod." I don't think there's a better example of a perfect partner than the two of them. After dinner, I convinced them to sneak outside for some sunset pictures, and they were so glad they did. They finished off the night with a packed dance floor, surrounded by their closest family and friends.

Max and Melissa, thank you so much for including me in your special day. It was truly an honor, and I wish you many more DnD adventures together.

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